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In recent news, two unknown objects have been spotted above the city of four,
nobody knows where they have come from or how they got there. We presently have one of our reporters live at the scene,
so, tell me what's the story?

Well, it's incredible, I've never seen anything like it before in my life, from what I can see from here is that
one object is white in color and towers above everything else, the other object is glowing bright yellow in color
and is flying in circles around the tall white object.
The citizens here have witnessed everything from falling steamrollers and child chasing bears, but nothing
quite this extraordinary, unfortunately we have no further information on this phenomenon, back to you in the studio.

Thank you for that, we have had anonymous eye witnesses calling in baffled by what the have seen, these two objects of
interest has only been described by Anonymous as "Speedy" and the other has been described as ... "LOOONG".