A collection of SourceMod plugins I've made over the years.
Most of these were coded for Team Fortress 2, but will work on any SourceMod supported game unless otherwise specified.
As per the SourceMod license (GPL v3), the source code has been included.


Team Fortress 2 Only
Allows creation of the "bot_npc_archer" in Team Fortress 2.
Automatically takes care of creating the base_boss, which is required for the archers to function.
Due to hard-coded limitations, the archers will only fire at BLU players.

No Lenny Spam

Should theoretically work with any game, but was coded with Team Fortress 2 in mind
An attempt to block all Lenny faces(chat spam).
Instead of relying on a config of pre-existing Lenny faces, it uses a pattern to block them.
It will block most generic Lenny faces, but there may be some that can slip through.


No Announcer Spam

Team Fortress 2 Only
Made for people who run trade/achievement/idle servers.
Will silence the Announcers voice lines reguarding map objectives.


Parent Buildings

Team Fortress 2 Only
Recode of an old plugin which allows players to build on top of moving objects.
Due to hard-coded limitations, players can't build on func_tracktrains (Payload cart, the trains in cp/ctf-well, etc.).