Valve Map File releases for some of my older maps and misc projects.
Feel free to use them for whatever, though keep in mind that many of these aren't considered "functional".
I've done my best to include custom resources where I could,
but in the event you come across missing materials/models/sounds, you can reach me at and I'll see what I can do.

Resource Pack:

Team Fortress 2

(Click to get .vmf)
20BrushChallenge Made for a mapping contest on Facepunch some years back,
where only 20 brushes/entities could be used.
achievement_idletown Ancient prototype for my map "achievement_villains",
which was made for The Idle House.
ctf_derezzed Extremely simple map I made to test an idea I had for
Tron Fortress (back when it was a thing).
koth_noir A (bad) attempt at a king of a hill map set in a small gorge.
Also a test of color correction.
library_pyro Recreation of a scene from the Unhappy Returns TF2 comic.
lsd_trip Testbed for the disco room in my achievement_turbo revamp,
made for Rire's House of Butter.
negroserver_church Was to be a revamp of the church area in one of the maps ran for the Negroserver community.
rhob_skatepark A skatepark designed for a plugin on Rire's House of Butter.
Didn't make it into the final version of my achievement_turbo revamp.
stargate A stargate in a room small, un-detailed room.
villains_city/b1-b5 Incremental beta versions of ach_villains_city, from the first basic layout to the first functional layout.

Garry's Mod/Half-Life 2

All_Alone Testbed/attempt at making a map with a horror atmosphere.
apartment Attempt at making a fancy high-end apartment room, never finished.
bar Testbed/attempt at making an RP map for GMod, never finished.